A minimal notes app with rich text formatting.

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Key Features

Assign to others

Rich text editor. Instant sync. Syntax highlighting.

Stay connected

Stay connected across multiple devices. Online/Offline sync with your account.

Powerful search

Powerful search across all note's content.

Put in a vault

PWA (Progressive web app) load faster.

Fast messaging

Dark theme mode vs Light theme mode.

Share with others

Both Local notes and Remote notes.

How it got the name ?

Preserver plus? Name suggest that preserve something that's important can be recollected or revisited later point of time. Exactly three years before one app called preserver was published on by me, built upon Electron/Angular/PouchDB stack. Same concept is being enhanced here with some more helpful features.

You can find preserver app on github using below link.

Preserver app
Usage data
Absolute security


Few points that will add more value to app.

  • To do multiple dashboard.
  • To do miltuple notes editable.
  • To Preserve position of notes in dashboard.
  • To have vertical & horizontal scroll layout in dashboard.
  • To download notes.
  • To do more.

Comments and Contributions are welcomed 👍

Text the app

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